Sing Your Own Song: Preparing to Share Your Personal Testimony

Psalm 40 is a song of remembrance and praise. And yet the praise does not come at the beginning. The remembering time is of difficult situations, helpless situations that God rescued the psalmist from. The result is a new song, this is the praise! Psalm 40:3, “He has put a new song in my mouth, praise to our God! Many will see it and fear him, and will trust in the Lord.” These songs are for a purpose, the purpose is to invite others into a relationship with God.

What song can you sing? What is your testimony? Are you prepared to share it? It is your genuine words that are needed. If this is a new idea for you, here is a simple formula to help you compose your testimony.

Step one: Think about your past. Summarize in two sentences what used to be important to you. What basic need did you attempt to fulfill with these important things? What did your life revolve around?

Step two: Remember how you found Jesus. When did you first hear the message of Jesus? What was your reaction? If it was negative, define when you first felt positively toward the message. Now put these contemplations into two sentences.

Step three: Dwell on what life is like now. How did Christ meet the needs you felt before? What changes occurred in your life as a result of Jesus in your life? Elaborate a whole paragraph on the results and joys of living as a Christian.

At the end of these three steps, you will have your testimony on a piece of paper. It is thought through and articulated, and now you are prepared to speak. Now begin to pray for God to open opportunities to share these words with someone searching for the bridge back to God.
Pastor Heather Crews

Courthouse Road Church, Potomac Conference

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