David Ripley, President

David Ripley, President

Vision Statement #3

“God’s Vision for us is to: Implement a Total Member Involvement culture and community consciousness in all our churches”

The General Conference Web page defines Total Member Involvement as,

“a full-scale, world-church evangelistic thrust that involves every member, every church, every administrative entity, every type of public outreach ministry, personal and institutional outreach.”

Jesus’ Culture vs Our Culture

When Jesus set up the church all were called to be disciples… who would make disciples… who would make disciples, and so on, down to us.
We have evolved our local church into a culture of members who cheer on a pastor and a few local church leaders as they attempt to do the disciple making ministry for the rest of the church. We have come to believe that this is the way to be. It feels normal. But it is not according to God’s original plan.
This is not the form of church culture that was set up by Jesus. Total Member Involvement is an initiative to move us back towards the original plan our Lord started in motion over 2,000 years ago. We are all disciples who are to be about making disciples.

Adventist Discipleship Then… and Now

When we study the history of the Adventist church we see the movement that began in the early 1800’s called all to share Jesus and His soon coming with everyone around them. Every voice of witness was invited into discipleship and valued in ministry: little ones, young adults, older ones; women and men. Friends, neighbours, work associates, strangers in the streets were to be warned that the end of all things was at hand. Our Adventist pioneers had a sense of urgency about their message. It is more urgent today!
Total Member Involvement reminds us that we are still a part of a specially called people to share the gospel. Total Member Involvement reawakens us to the reality that it will take everyone in the church to fulfill the call of God to share.

“The work of God in this earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to the work and unite their effort with those of ministers and church officers” Testimonies for the Church, Volume 9, page 116.

Giving God Our Time

The command of Jesus to go to all the world and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20) is still our command today and more urgent than ever before. How might you be a part of Total Member Involvement?

The good news is that it is not expensive. Total Member Involvement is a call for you to give God a portion of your time.

Total Member Involvement is a call to actively participate in the God given Mission of the church outside the walls of your building. This is done through building strong relationships with people in your community who do not yet know of Jesus soon return.
There is more good news! You can participate within your God given talents and experience. Total Member Involvement is not one monolithic, cookie cutter way to share Jesus, but is multi-dimensional and full of exciting ways to be involved with Jesus in His mission in your area of His vineyard.

Equipped for Discipleship

Perhaps you are saying, “I would love to give of my time if it will truly assist people to know and love Jesus, but I need equipping!” You are in the right frame of mind, and the Man-Sask Conference has training for you! There are still two coaching events for us to attend and for us to invite all church members to attend. Through these Sabbath area events we can be renewed in our witness with practical tools for serving in ministry.

Saskatoon EQUIP event will be November 26 at Pinehouse, and Winnipeg EQUIP will be December 10 at the school. And 2017 will bring new opportunities through EQUIP17. Also there are custom designed TMI weekend series available for your local church (to schedule for your church contact Lynn Ripley at lripley@mansaskadventist.ca or 306 244 9700 x205).

The Urgency of a Culture Change

What is to be gained if we are faithful and give time to God for Total Member Involvement? What is the cost if we do not? We have an urgent message that must be shared with our territory. I can tell you right now that the pastors, teachers, and local elders will not be able to complete God’s command without the participation of every member who has joined God’s specially called people.

Total Member Involvement must become a part of the local church culture, a part of who we are. Not something we do and quickly return to “normal activity inside the church,” but must become a part of our soul, our passions, and our prayers.

As we join together and minister side by side as God directs, we will see miracles happening all around us! The work of sharing Jesus soon return will be accomplished in a powerful way when we have Total Member Involvement.
Lord bless!

David Ripley

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