I would like to compare for you our God-given Mission with the General Conference Mission voted October of 2014.

Board Vision all groupsMan-Sask Mission Statement

“God’s Mission for us is to develop a disciple making culture to create healthy vibrant churches that actively connect the people in their communities to Jesus”



gc_voteGeneral Conference Mission Statement

“The mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is to call all people to become disciples of Jesus Christ, to proclaim the everlasting gospel embraced by the three angels’ messages (Revelation 14:6-12), and to prepare the world for Christ’s soon return.”
As a recent employee of the General Conference in one of its Division offices I am very aware of the emphasis and direction God is leading the world church. The Man-Sask Conference and our Vision statement is well-matched with where the world church is headed.

Of course! You would expect this since it is the same God directing both leadership groups.

Unity of Mission

  1. God has led the General Conference to emphasize discipleship. He has also placed this focus in a prominent place in our document.
  2. The Total Member Involvement initiative is being led by GC. It has high visibility our Mission and Vision statement as a key of who we are to become.
  3. The GC document says disciples should be disciples of Jesus, and our document affirms connecting people to Jesus!
  4. The GC promotes the goal of having healthy churches around the world. Our document speaks of having healthy vibrant churches.
  5. The GC Mission document extends the call to prepare a people for Christ’s soon return. Our document confirms that. We must actively share Jesus and His soon coming with the Man-Sask Conference.
  6. The GC Mission document highlights the three angels’ messages as part of our last day message. Our document uplifts the importance of the preaching of Righteousness by Faith in all our churches. Ellen White equates these two concepts.
  7. The General Conference places a very high value on evangelism and our document compels us to join God by having a multidimensional evangelistic outreach.

We are Seventh-day Adventists and a part of something God is doing, that is much larger than our conference. It is wonderful to realize that the same God leading the world church is leading our team of leaders here in this part of the world.

And just as we see a unity of purpose with unique areas of focus for the General Conference and the Man-Sask Conference, we expect God to reveal His unique mission for each of our Man-Sask churches, schools and care homes to continue pulling together towards the same goal.

God will bless and we will see His power accomplish great things! The task is too big for us alone, but when we follow God’s plan we will see miracles!

RIPLEY, David_IMG_1998_webbLord bless!

David Ripley, President