Russell Burrill

CM17 Russell BurrillDr. Burrill, formerly the Director of the North American Division Evangelism Institute (NADEI), is the leading authority on Seventh-day Adventist Church Planting. Dr. Burrill is a passionate presenter, and will be a great encouragement to us as we pursue the goal of doubling the number of churches in our conference by 2020.

He has authored many books, including:

You may view previous sermons of Dr. Burrill:

  • SEEDS 2015 (Fort Wayne, IN) – God’s Vision for Church Planting – Overcoming our Excuses
  • Pennsylvania Campmeeting 2016 – The Role of Pastor & Lay People in the Church (sermon starts at 37:30)

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Chris Holland

CM17 Chris HollandPastor Chris Holland is the Speaker/Director for It Is Written Canada. Prior to this, he served at the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists as the Secretary/Treasurer of ASI.

In his 16 years of ministry he has worked for the Illinois and Chesapeake conferences, pastoring a total of six churches. In 2009/2010, Pastor Holland was the Chicagoland Evangelism Coordinator for the Illinois Conference coordinating over 34 evangelistic meetings resulting in over 500 people being baptized.

Chris has been involved in media ministry since his early undergraduate years in college where he was involved with both television and radio programs.

It is his sincere desire to know Jesus more and to utilize the many media outlets to preach God’s word with power. Since their marriage in 1996, Chris and his wife Debbie have served the Lord together and strive to do all that they can to fulfill His commission to take the Gospel to the “ends of the earth”.

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Ekkehardt Mueller

Dr. Mueller is the Associate Director for the Biblical Research Institute.
On his path to the General Conference, Dr. Mueller pastored for sixteen years and held Ministerial positions at both the Union and Division level. Currently he travels the world giving lectures and assisting at the forefront of Adventist theological investigation and explanation.

He is the author numerous articles  as well as several books.

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Jim Park

Dr. Park is formerly a Professor of Discipleship and Mission at Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies in the Philippines.

Pastor Park was born and raised a devout Catholic and was converted into the Adventist Church in his early twenties. He has served as a pastor in Los Angeles for 25 years and taught at the Adventist Seminary in Asia for 12 years. His area of teaching is discipleship and mission.

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Eduard & Sonia Schmidt

Eduard and Sonia Schmidt both work for the North American Evangelism Institute  (NADEI) where he is the director. They have provided equipping and mobilizing training for evangelistic ministry, church growth, personal and friendship evangelism, and pastoral ministries. They have been involved in personal and public evangelism for the last twenty-three years.

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Eugene Kitney

Pastor Eugene Kitney is the Lead Pastor of Stonehill Church in Texas

Pastor Kitney has served youth and churches across his native South Africa and the USA. He has survived cancer, served on security details for several governments and loves photo and web design. He holds multiple theology degrees and has a great passion for God’s word and God’s people.

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Jessie A. Lopez

Jessie A. Lopez is the Lead Pastor of FUSIONChurch in Georgia.

In addition to her pastoral role, Jessie also is the Georgia-Cumberland Conference Refugee and Immigrant Ministries Coordinator. Originally from New York City, Jessie has a passion for mission, outreach, mentorship and bringing Christ’s love to others through service and personal relationships.

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Christine Wollmann

Christine Wollmann, this years Musical Guest is an Independent Music Professional from Winnipeg, MB.

It’s been said of Christine that “God’s love is her song”. She’s been singing since the age of three and gave her life to Jesus after travelling with a secular band. Currently, she sings for many organizations including Voice of Prophecy, It Is Written Television and ADRA.