Total Member Involvement

Preparing Your Personal Testimony

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Creating a Welcoming Culture

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“Elders Digest” Mag Features TMI

Elders and spiritual leaders, check out the recent issue of “Elders Digest” with a focus on Total Member Involvement. Gain a greater overview and insight into the power of Total Member Involvement in your own church.

You may download and share these articles with others in your church.

Article 1 – Editorial by Jonas Arrais on Total Member […]

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Join the Movement: Total Member Involvement
TMI EQUIP EVENTS 2017EQUIP Winnipeg – May 27, 2017       EQUIP Regina – October 21, 2017

Total Member Involvement is a full-scale, world-church evangelistic thrust that involves every member, every church, every administrative entity, every type of public, personal and institutional outreach ministry. Total Member Involvement is dedicated to […]

Mobilized for Mission in Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw Church Hosts Total Member Involvement Weekend Series
On November 11-13, the Moose Jaw Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted a Total Member Involvement Weekend discipleship series. Frances Wright, the church personal ministries leader facilitated the weekend as an initiative to strengthen the outreach focus of their congregation. It was a follow up to a spiritual gifts […]

EQUIP Regina A Success

Over 80 people from Regina and area churches attended the inaugural EQUIP event from Total Member Involvement. It was hosted by the Hill Avenue Church and Curtis-Horne Christian School (CHCS) on Oct 22. EQUIP Regina was designed to provide training and resources for a wide variety of outreach, all in service of the new Man-Sask […]

Transcona Church Hosts First Total Member Involvement Weekend Series

Open doors and smiling greeters welcomed attendees to the first Manitoba-Saskatchewan Total Member Involvement (TMI) Weekend. The Transcona Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted the discipleship equipping series in partnership with the Nueva Esperanza Church. Pastor Elmer Manzanares and his church ministries leaders have been praying that the event will build on the recent evangelistic reaping series […]

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The Wedding of Business and Religion

Here is a link to a great article from the Adventist Review that can be used as an invitation to the business people in our churches to join the mission of the church.  This can remind them that what they do is important to the success of sharing the gospel, it is a part of […]

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What is Your Church’s “Discipleship Ratio?”

A “discipleship ratio” is defined as the difference between those who are part of the church family (on the books as members and people just attending) in comparison with those who are actively involved in fruitful ministry. This ministry may take place inside the church building on Sabbath. But it also must include those who are […]

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The One Minute Witness

Witnessing is now something that happens primarily where you work or go to school. It is not a program. It is something that happens unexpectedly, informally–“when you least expect it,” to quote Jesus–in the context of everyday life. It also happens while you are shopping, getting a haircut or jogging. And at family gatherings, class […]

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Workshops for Total Member Involvement

Presentation Topics (Lynn Ripley, B.A. M.A.Min.)
Below is a list of practical, interactive, equipping workshops Pastor Lynn Ripley can offer to support your church’s interest in Total Member Involvement.
Practical Vibrant Discipleship
An eight part series on practical discipleship skills based on the acronym FORWARD. Each 40 minute segment has a 20 minute presentation and a group activity.
1. Becoming vibrant […]

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