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New Camp Building – In Gwen Bader’s Honour

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Manitoba-Saskatchewan Health Ministries Retreat October 12-14, 2018

The Manitoba-Saskatchewan Health Ministries is having a REFRESH Retreat at the Circle Square Ranch in Austin, Manitoba. REFRESH yourself this fall by attending this retreat. Focuses will be on

R: Re-energize; Renew your Vision for Service; Rest & Restore

E: Education & Training in health ministries

F: Fun & Fellowship; Concepts in Making Friends for Jesus

R: Resolving Conflicts

E: Exalt & […]

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10 Traits of a Healthy Family

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Her First Prayer was Like Gideon’s

Do you know what your life goal is? From an early age, Mary Koziol did. Growing up at the foot of Thunder Hill, west of Swan River, Manitoba, wasn’t easy for the Koziol family. “We grew up quite poor and my mother didn’t have the best life. All I ever wanted was to grow up […]

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Preparing Your Personal Testimony

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Creating a Welcoming Culture

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Pastoral Changes

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Swan River Church 100th Anniversary

The Swan River, MB Church will be celebrating it’s 100th anniversary August 11-13 and you’re invited!

Friday 7 PM – Opening Meeting
Sabbath 9:45 – Sabbath School & Divine Service -there will be a fellowship dinner.
Sabbath 3:00 PM – Short service at original location
Sabbath 6:00 PM – Supper and meeting to follow
Sunday AM – Pancake breakfast

Guest speaker: […]

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Publication Changes

The Communications Department publications are changing!

From now on we will have three major publications all under the Prairie name.
Prairie Weekly – The Weekly Email
What’s New? The name! Formerly Prairie News Online, the Prairie Weekly is changing in name only, to reflect its frequency and to better distinguish it from our other publications. The weekly email […]

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Farewell to Rosthern Church

It was with mixed emotions that the Rosthern Seventh-day Adventist Church worshiped for the last time in their old church in Rosthern. On May 27th the members bade farewell to the church building that had served them well for 43 years. On Sunday May 28th the members came together to move all of the contents […]

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Partner with Camp Whitesand

Camp Whitesand is one of the most successful evangelistic outreaches in our conference. Almost 40% of attendees are non-Christian, yet last year over 50% of attendees accepted Jesus and 1 in 5 decided to be baptized. Here’s two ways Camp Whitesand seeks your partnership in ministry this year.

Join the Camp Prayer Warrior team. – It’s […]

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InTune Music & Arts Festival 2017

Red River Valley Junior Academy (RRVJA) hosted the 2nd Annual In-Tune Music & Arts Festival on May 31-June 3. Students from across the entire conference descended on Winnipeg to play instruments, sing, learn new skills and make new friends. They enjoyed some time in the park Sabbath afternoon and had evening social and concert.

Photos: Josue […]

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Love is the key to Health

Lifestyle Canada Director Jonathan Zita

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” At the April 28-30 Health Ministries  “Go Light Your World” Retreat in Regina with Jonathan Zita, this was a repeated, foundational concept he emphasized. True love must be our foundation of ANY ministry […]

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Educational Assistant Opportunity

The Seventh-day Adventist Christian School in Saskatoon is growing and is hiring an Educational Assistant. This half-time position is perfect for anyone who is flexible working with Kindergarten-aged children, as well as all ages one-on-one or in small groups.  If you are an Adventist with an Educational Assistant certification and have assistant teaching experience please  send your […]

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IMPACT Winnipeg – Bible Instructor Training Recap

Impact Winnipeg.

Imagine if this phrase became as trendy as ‘selfie’ or ‘bff’? That’s why the build up has already begun.

Under the direction of Pastor Elmer Manzanares, Impact Winnipeg’s inaugural event was in February 2017. Events and training will be ongoing, leading up to the main event in November 2018. But Impact Winnipeg doesn’t end after […]

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Challenge Accepted

SEEDS Conference Report

Over 33% of the 120 attendees of the recent SEEDS Church Planting and Soul-Winning Conference in Regina on April 21-22, responded to God’s call to pursue church planting.

11 people indicated interest in leading a new church plant, 18 want to be part of a new plant, 5 are willing to explore relocating for […]

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Coaching for Christ

Pastors Meetings Report

A Pastor’s role is a crucial but often difficult one. On April 20-23, the Man-Sask Conference held Pastors Meetings designed to provide a break for fellowship, ongoing training and exchange of ideas. These meetings book-ended the SEEDS Church Planting Conference to enable Pastors to attend those important meetings as well.

God has laid an […]

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Sharing the Beauty

Manitoba Women’s Ministries Conference

The rainy-snowy weather at the Manitoba Women’s Conference did not dampen the spirits of over 100 women who met in Winnipeg at the West Park SDA Church and Holiday Inn West on April 21st and 22nd.  It was a special time for God’s daughters to deepen their faith and experience spiritual growth […]

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Doubling Attendance: Clearing the Air for Worship

Vision Statement #8
“Double the number of churches in our mission territory, double attendance.”


Let’s look at the 2nd of the 7 areas we will explore to increase attendance. Remember the reason we are eager to double our attendance; it is because we will be connecting twice as many people on a weekly basis to Jesus!
Have you ever visited […]

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New Family Ministries Director

Our conference has a new Family Ministries Director. Meet Debbie Ashworth!

“I live in Regina and attend Hill Avenue Seventh-Day Adventist Church with my family.  My husband, Jeremy and I have been married for 18 years and have three children; Ava, Morgan and Jake.  My daughters attend Curtis-Horne Christian School and Jake will attend kindergarten there in the fall.

When […]

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