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Ministry Expands In Nunavut

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The Prayer Question

The past several weeks we have been looking closely at our Man-Sask Mission. Now we turn our attention to the 12 part Vision Statement.
Vision Statement #1
Foster a United Prayer emphasis for all our churches to strengthen the urgency of our mission for God
As a pastor I remember that we were expected to have answers to […]

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Connecting to Our Communities

Another very important component of our mission statement is to “actively connect the people in our communities to Jesus.”
When arriving at a new church to serve as the pastor I would always ask the clerk for the meeting minutes so I could learn from the history of the church. This was a big task for […]

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Camp Meeting Audio Sermons Online!

All of the Camp Meeting 2016 audio sermons are now online! You may access them via our Podcast page or go directly to our Soundcloud Homepage. We are encouraging ongoing Bible study of the Daniel 11 messages, please see the Studying Prophecy in Daniel 11 page here.

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What Makes a Church Healthy & Vibrant?

In this continuing series on Mission & Vision, this time let’s direct our attention to our mission to create healthy vibrant churches.
“God’s Mission for us is to:
Develop a disciple making culture to create healthy vibrant churches that actively connect the people in their communities to Jesus”
This phrase focuses us on the single most important organizational […]

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Are We United in Mission?

I would like to compare for you our God-given Mission with the General Conference Mission voted October of 2014.
Man-Sask Mission Statement
“God’s Mission for us is to develop a disciple making culture to create healthy vibrant churches that actively connect the people in their communities to Jesus”


General Conference Mission Statement
“The mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church […]

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What’s Your Church Culture?

I am so excited as a minister for us to have a Mission and Vision document! Before that document I did not know where to aim as I lead the conference. I am also excited to know that the Mission and Vision come from God and not something that we generated or contrived. God will […]

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How the Mission and Vision Will Bless the Local Church

One question that is coming to us when we talk about Mission and Vision is:
“How will the local churches, schools and care homes be expected to relate to the new document?”
First we need to recognize that this is not a document that represents what Administration or the Conference Board desires for the future of the […]

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“An Upper Room Experience”

How The Board Sought God’s Mission and Vision and How You Can Do it In YOUR Life!
A Different Approach to Mission & Vision
Mission and Vision is critical. “Where there is no vision, the people perish (Pr 29:18).” But it can be a frustrating process to arrive at one, with lots of competing ideas and personalities.

Pastors […]

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Farewell to Tracey-Ann Stitchell and Angie Decev

The Conference staff would like to thank Tracey-Ann Stitchell (Receptionist) and Angie Decev (Communications/Youth Assistant) for their faithful time of service at the Conference office. On Aug 31, Tracey-Ann will have completed her 3-month contract as Sandra Nelson’s replacement and will be returning to do post-graduate studies. She slipped into the role effortlessly and has provided excellent […]

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The Joy of Purpose | Man-Sask Mission & Vision Revealed

When have you felt most alive and fulfilled?

What were you doing? What were you thinking? Who were you with?
Was it a single day like the birth of your first child, the first few months of falling in love, the years of a pursuing a degree, career or hobby, or simply the moment you first glimpsed Jesus’ love […]

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Transcona Church Hosts First Total Member Involvement Weekend Series

Open doors and smiling greeters welcomed attendees to the first Manitoba-Saskatchewan Total Member Involvement (TMI) Weekend. The Transcona Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted the discipleship equipping series in partnership with the Nueva Esperanza Church. Pastor Elmer Manzanares and his church ministries leaders have been praying that the event will build on the recent evangelistic reaping series […]

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Sabbath in Igloolik

The long summers are coming to an end here in Igloolik, Nunavut. One of the privileges of living in the high arctic is the midnight sun. The 24-hour sunlight illuminates the arctic landscape and time seems to be endless. When I look out the window you see children playing out at three in the morning […]

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EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY – Receptionist / Administrative Assistant

The Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is looking for an energetic person to join our team as a full-time Receptionist and Administrative Assistant. Our current full-time receptionist, Tracey-Ann Stitchell, is returning to school.
The position requires a spiritually motivated and responsible individual, and involves performance of diverse support duties for the Conference President. The […]

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Ordination and Commissioning Ceremony 2016

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Meet Your New President: David Ripley

On April 10, 2016, David Ripley was elected the new President of the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference. Originally born in Dallas, Texas, David has held various positions, including Executive Secretary, Ministerial Director and Senior Pastor across 34 years of service in the Texas, Minnesota and British Columbia Conferences. Most recently he served as Ministerial Director in the […]

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Teacher Job Opportunity: Winnipeg 2016-2017

Red River Valley Junior Academy is seeking to fill an elementary grades teaching position for the 2016-2017 school year. The successful candidate should have a commitment to the Seventh-day Adventist church, hold Seventh-day Adventist teaching credentials and hold or qualify for a Manitoba teaching certificate.  Applicants will be considered who possess an ability to teach […]

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Quadrennial 2016 Decisions

The 34th Quadrennial Session of the Man-Sask Conference is in session. Below are significant decisions that have been made so far as recommended by the Man Sask Nominating Committee.

Voted: David Ripley has been elected as the next President of the Man-Sask Conference. He has recently returned from serving as Ministerial Director in the North Asia Pacific Division. He […]

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2016 Quadrennial Constituency Session

On April 10, 2016, delegates from across the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference territory will be meeting for the Constituency session that happens every 4 years! It will be a day-long set of meetings that will have delegates voting on important issues such as Administrative and Director positions, Volunteer Ministry Leaders, and many more. […]

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Pastor Ron Nelson Steps Down

Pastor Ron Nelson has announced the withdrawal of his name as a Presidential Candidate for the upcoming Quadrennial Session in April 2016. Ron Nelson and his wife, Sandra, have faithfully served the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference in many ways since their arrival from the Maritimes in January 2011. […]

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