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Group of People committed to Church Planting

Group of People committed to Church Planting

Over 33% of the 120 attendees of the recent SEEDS Church Planting and Soul-Winning Conference in Regina on April 21-22, responded to God’s call to pursue church planting.

11 people indicated interest in leading a new church plant, 18 want to be part of a new plant, 5 are willing to explore relocating for church planting and 9 pastors committed to planting a church in each of their districts until Jesus comes. In addition, 3 people made decisions for baptism. We praise God for these decisions and for His Spirit’s leading.

The SEEDS Conference aims to equip and inspire current and future church-planters while training all attendees in relevant outreach approaches as well.

The free event included 5 SEEDS presenters, some from as far away as Australia. Brittany Harwood, daughter of Pastor Rick Harwood, provided some beautiful musical selections.

Johnny Wong, Lay Church Planter from the Gateway Adventist Centre in Melbourne, Australia spoke passionately about the importance of discipleship. “Programs don’t save our young people” he said during the Sabbath sermon. “They only delay their departure. We need to disciple our young people.”

Lisa Isensee has been coordinating church planting for the Wisconsin Conference since 2011. They planted almost 25 churches in largely rural areas in the last couple years, so her insights were key for a conference like ours. Lay-led church plants can be a place where young people are empowered she said; “My 10-year old son ended up being the best bulletin secretary we ever had!”

“God will never give you small dreams” said Pastor Victor Jaeger. He ought to know. He’s been planting churches for 20 years and regaled the congregation with amazing stories of God’s provision in seemingly hopeless situations. His breakout sessions were chock full of insights into growing your church.

Seminary student and church planter Daniel Hall shared key insights he’d learned on the Do’s and Don’t’s of church planting.

Pastor Alex Schlussler was a busy man that weekend. He is in charge of Lay Training and Leadership Development for the Florida Conference and he provided church coaching training to all our Man-Sask Pastors prior to SEEDS. During SEEDS, his breakout sessions challenged church members to consider if their church is missional or attractional.

The Discipleship focus came through strong for many attendees. Aleisha Mazier said that “we as people need to be more missionaries instead of being all about the programs. [It’s about] being able to go out and communicating to the people and bring them closer to God and building a strong relationship amongst the people and not being afraid to insert ourselves into the secular world that we live in.”

“Discipling and really not programming, that’s what I took away from today”, said Naomi Maina. She’s a young adult leader at Pinehouse Church in Saskatoon. “We can develop as many programs as we want, but what really keeps young people at church and all people at church is when we disciple them and what that means is to be able to teach them how to pray, to be able to teach them how to read God’s word and how to know Jesus for themselves and how to have a deeper relationship with Christ.”

Learn more about Discipleship and Small Groups at It shares the “how-to” principles Johnny Wong and his primarily young adult teams have used to plant 6 churches, start 30 small groups and baptize over 200 people in Melbourne, the most secular city in Australia.

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