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Communications Resources


If you are a Communications Director for your church, these resources are for you!

There is a Ministry Job Description, Getting Started Guide and links to Resources.

Advent Source Ministry Tool Kit – Communications

UPDATED Quick Start Guide

Be sure to share all the Ministry Tool Kits with other members of your church too!


ONE Website for Your Creative Needs

Tired of hunting the internet for good quality FREE images, video, audio, fonts, backgrounds and more? There’s a great site called Makerbook that’s done the hard work for you. They are “a hand-picked directory of the best free resources for creatives.”
Pastors, students, bulletin secretaries, communicators, designers, videographers and musicians…this site’s for you! It’s sure helped me!


The Most Important Design Principle of All

Hierarchy – Make it easy for people to understand your message by showing them what’s most important.

Templates – Church Bulletins and other Documents

Good Church Bulletin design tips – Includes some simple templates to start.

Free Templates for many Church Documents

Church Bulletins: 20 Insights & 10 Great Examples

15 Lessons from 17 Church Bulletins

Beautiful Church Bulletin Ideas – ($)

Stock Photo Sites

We live in a visual culture. A picture can tell a thousand words. But good pictures usually aren’t free and grabbing pictures off the internet without permission is not fair to the artists. To be frank, it’s often stealing. So here are some sites that offer good quality pictures, some free under Creative Commons license, some affordable.

My favourite FREE stock photo sites – Pixabay (free)  or Unsplash

Free Church Stock Photos – – Curated Christian-themed photos from Unsplash

CMGCreate – Excellent source for high quality backgrounds for worship and powerpoint presentations.

Lightstock ($) – Excellent, affordable source for church-focused images. Best deal is to subscribe.

Need More Free photos? 21 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos

Bible Story Illustrations & Photos




  • This site has some great short videos on illustrating different books/themes of the Bible. It’s created by Christians, but not Adventists, so in Revelation I believe there’s sometimes different interpretations of prophecy, but on the whole they are quite good.

Free Fonts

A nice looking font makes all the difference in design and the nicest of them aren’t found in Word.   Good fonts usually cost money, but the site below has lots of great free options.

Font Squirrel – This the site the conference uses for all our free fonts. Lots to choose from.

Installing Fonts for either Mac or PC – Simple video or text tutorials, very quick.

Email Newsletters – This is what we use for the Prairie News Online. It’s easy, FREE and has lots of great templates and tools to work with. Can’t recommend it enough.

I Contact – The Youth Department uses this email newsletter program and likes it as well.

GlockApps – Not sure if your email newsletter is ending up in everyone’s spam folder? Use this free website to find out where your emails are going. Provides tips to get your emails out of the spam folder too!


Adventist Church Connect

Free, customizable church websites from the North American Division. Beautiful templates, excellent support. Contact them today! You can usually reach them by phone and get questions answered in a timely manner.

Design Your Own

I only recommend this option if you have a dedicated TEAM for your church website and you have a succession plan. Otherwise, if one person does it all and then moves, you won’t be able to change or access your website. I’ve had 5 churches call me with this problem in the last year alone. Don’t let it happen to you. – Lots of good features for good prices, but once you choose a template, you can’t change it without rebuilding your site, so be aware. – Best bang for your buck if you ask me. Professional, beautiful designs, good support, great features.

Social Media

The Ultimate Social Media Strategy for Smaller Churches – Best starting tips I’ve found for getting into social media.

Facebook for Non-profits – Great tips to get started from the creators of Facebook

Choosing Images for Social Media – Great, practical tips for using images to reach a modern generation, from an Adventist perspective. Includes  links to free resources.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Photo Sizes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

The Best Times to Post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites

Surveys & Feedback

If you ever want to get simple feedback from your congregation use these FREE and easy survey tools.

Google Forms – requires you setup a Google Account. I recommend setting up a generic “” address and making sure MULTIPLE people have access to it.

Survey Monkey – standard for many corporations and non-profits for creating simple or powerful surveys.