Lifestyle Canada Director Jonathan Zita

Lifestyle Canada Director Jonathan Zita

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” At the April 28-30 Health Ministries  “Go Light Your World” Retreat in Regina with Jonathan Zita, this was a repeated, foundational concept he emphasized. True love must be our foundation of ANY ministry and especially health outreach.

“True love always hopes”, said Zita, the director of Lifestyle Canada.  “We tend to think of hope as an emotion. Hope is a divine principal from God. It’s a conscious decision about others that says “God never gave up on me, so I will not give up on you.”

Zita emphasized that we must first have a loving relationship with God before we reach out to others. Otherwise, we risk pushing people away by getting them to “behave” and follow all the health principles without first sharing His love through a genuine friendship first. Vegetarianism doesn’t save people, Jesus does.  We must seek to show God’s love before we expect them to follow His health principles.

Health Retreat 2017_IMG_8308_WEB640Other highlights of the weekend included a beautiful afternoon walk in the park in Regina, scrumptious food provided by Regina church members, hands on training in doing health surveys and learning more about simple personal ministry using GLOW tracts.

Dave Ogram from the Swan River, MB church commented, “It was a real balance of spiritual teaching, of love, of evangelism, of health, it was a real balance; it felt like a revival weekend”.

“I think my biggest takeaway has been the sense of the presence of the holy spirit”, said Leora Schmidt of Maple Creek, SK. “The preparation of the entire program has been so relevant, so helpful and simple.”

Health Retreat 2017_IMG_8414_WEB640Farrah Wollmann from Brandon, MB said “The Lord really blessed me with the talks about revival in my life first; before I can reach others, have my light shining first”.

The weekend closed with a candle-lit time of singing and pray as a final reminder that if each of us is willing to shine God’s light, amazing things can be done.

Health Ministry Director Glenda Nischuk organized the event and provided a plethora of health resources to choose from at the convention. If you would like to learn more about available health resources please contact her at

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