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Our Lord Jesus Christ came to this world as the unwearied servant of man’s necessity. He “took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses,” that He might minister to every need of humanity. Matthew 8:17. The burden of disease and wretchedness and sin He came to remove. It was His mission to bring to men complete restoration; He came to give them health and peace and perfection of character.

Ministry of Healing, Page 17, Paragraph 1
Ellen G. White

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Go Light Your World—Practical tools in Making Friends for Eternity

Friends make a huge impact on our lives.  Good friends relieve stress, provide comfort and joy, prevent loneliness and isolation, and even strengthen our health.  But friendships don’t just happen.  Many of us get very busy, sometimes we are shy,  and many of us struggle to know how to meet new people and develop quality connections.  These vital connections are  the bridge that spans our programs to Jesus and the gospel, and sometime they are lacking.     Join us April 28, 29, and 30 as Jonathan Zita gives us the tools to make powerful connections in our health ministries or any outreach ministry.    Become motivated and confident—Go Light Your World!

DATE: April 28-30, 2017


April 28 – Friday

6:00 pm            Registration

7:00-8:30 pm   TRUE LOVE- The Motivating Factor

April 29 – Sabbath

9:15 am   WHEN PRAYERS & TEARS ARE NOT ENOUGH – Reconciliation
11:00 am  BECAUSE OF MY NEED – The Source of Power
12:30 pm   Potluck Lunch
2:30 pm  Wascana Park Walk
4:00 pm  COMPASSION – Effective Outreach Principles & Stories
5:30 pm  Supper
7:00 pm   WHEN GOD SPEAKS – The Role of God’s Word In Touching Lives

April 30 – Sunday

9:00 am   GOD’S H-BOMB – Proven Approach for Lasting Change
11:00 am NO FAITH, LITTLE FAITH, GREAT FAITH – Moving  Forward

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Literature Evangelism Director
Lifestyle Canada


Jonathan Zita works as Literature Evangelism Director for Lifestyle Canada and has been involved in this ministry for over 20 years. He is responsible for training and bringing support to church members involved in the GLOW outreach initiative, the Canada Youth Challenge program and the iHeal School of Health. His focus is to spread the everlasting gospel across Canada through literature and the personal touch.

Download the Health Path brochure to share with others. The first steps towards a healthy life are simple! Download the Health Path brochure to share with others. The first steps towards a healthy life are simple!


The Vibrant Health Ministry Newsletter is written by Glenda Nischuk, our Health Ministry Director. Get a great read on various aspects of health, spirituality, and cooking! Click the buttons below to check out the current and past issues.
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The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) – formerly Coronary Health Improvement Project – is an affordable, lifestyle enrichment program designed to reduce disease risk factors through the adoption of better health habits and appropriate lifestyle modifications. The goal is to lower blood cholesterol, hypertension, and blood sugar levels and reduce excess weight. This is done by improving dietary choices, enhancing daily exercise, increasing support systems and decreasing stress, thus aiding in preventing and reversing disease.

Go to the CHIP website for more information!

Interested in running  a CHIP program? Talk to your local Seventh-day Adventist church’s Health Ministries Leader or contact the Conference Health Ministries Director.

Resources for starting a CHIP program or a similar event at your church is available below! You can find powerpoints, info sheets, recipes, and much more below!



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