The following story is told by Ghadihela Quezada. She and her husband Jose, along with Ilisapi Haulli (formerly Angutimarik) are co-leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Igloolik, Nunavut. They had a chance to visit the remote hamlet of Naujaat (formerly known as Repulse Bay) and God opened some doors in amazing ways!

Jose, Ilisapi and I just got back on recently from Naujaat, Nunavut. We had a wonderful time sharing God’s message to the community. We heard that a charter flight from Igloolik to Naujaat would be available and the fare price was $720/ person round-trip, which is a great price in the North. 

It was Jose and myself first visit to Naujaat but it was Ilisapi’s first visit since her teenage years. Ilisapi has family in Naujaat so she was very excited to spend time with them as well.

At first we didn’t have the finances to go but we took that leap of faith and God provided. It was amazing how God opened the doors for us to visit and provided a place for us to stay as well.

When we first arrived we asked the Hamlet Leader if we could use the radio station each night to do a Bible program. They told us we could go on the air for only one hour that evening. With prayer we asked God’s guidance to show us what topic should be presented. God placed in our hearts that the message that night would be about, “Why We Need the Bible”. Jose also shared a health nugget about water before the study.

 This message touched the hearts of the listeners who requested for the Bible program to be on air again the following day. In the four days we visited, we were able to get a total of 9 1/2 hours on the radio, allowing us to share more Bible truths, including the Sabbath. One lady was very interested in the health nuggets that Jose and Ilisapi presented as well. 

On Sabbath, we rented the community hall to host Bible studies and a concert. We gave away 20 Bibles in Inuktitut and 36 Bibles in english.  We were also able to visit some homes to pray for individuals.

 The people of Naujaat were very welcoming and hungry to search the scriptures for God’s word. The community members were so generous with us that we came home with 70 lbs of caribou. Caribou is not available as much in Igloolik so it was a treat to share this country food with our neighbors. We thanked God for opening the doors for Ilisapi, Jose and myself to visit and share God’s word in Naujaat. 

 We ask for prayers for those who continue to search and learn more about God’s word. We are in contact with them through Facebook and hope to return one day.

Ghadihela Quezada
Igloolik Church co-leader

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Naujaat, (formerly Repulse Bay) in Nunavut

Naujaat, (formerly Repulse Bay) in Nunavut

Jose Quezada, Ghadihela Flores, Ilisapi Haulli and her son in Naujaat, Nunavut.

Jose  & Ghadihela Quezada, Ilisapi Haulli and her son in Naujaat, Nunavut.


Jose Quezada and Ilisapi Haulli prepare to share God’s Word on the local radio station in Naujaat, Nunavut.

People from Naujaat line up to receive free Bibles.

People from Naujaat line up to receive free Bibles.