The Communications Department publications are changing!

From now on we will have three major publications all under the Prairie name.

Prairie Weekly – The Weekly Email

What’s New? The name! Formerly Prairie News Online, the Prairie Weekly is changing in name only, to reflect its frequency and to better distinguish it from our other publications. The weekly email will continue its usual format of alternating between Mission & Vision articles from President Ripley one week and News & Features on the other week.

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Prairie Bulletin –  Semi-Monthly Bulletin Insert

BRAND NEW – This semi-monthly, full colour bulletin insert will be a primary way to share short articles about churches, upcoming events and conference news. This way, you’re not waiting for our quarterly magazine to get 3-6month old news, you’ll have it within a month!


Prairie Horizons – Quarterly Magazine

What’s New? – The flagship magazine will still contain more in-depth Man-Sask news stories, but future editions will shift focus onto more personal stories of God’s impact in people’s lives. It’s our desire to share more “timeless”, inspiring stories instead of 3-6 month old news.


What will this mean for you?

Ideally we will reach more people, with more news, more inspiring stories more quickly.

So for instance, over a 3 month period, you’ll receive

  • 12 Prairie Weekly Emails
  • 2 Prairie Bulletins and
  • 1 Prairie Horizons.

You may see different versions of the same news stories in all three publications. That’s on purpose, since different people get their news differently. We want everyone to be as informed as possible.

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Brian Bell, Communications Director

Brian Bell, Communications Director