The long summers are coming to an end here in Igloolik, Nunavut. One of the privileges of living in the high arctic is the midnight sun. The 24-hour sunlight illuminates the arctic landscape and time seems to be endless. When I look out the window you see children playing out at three in the morning and during the day they sleep. The circadian rhythm of children and adults in most cases, is completely out of control.   Even for my family and I, there are times when we catch ourselves awake beyond our bedtime.

Our Sabbaths are busy here in Igloolik. We begin our services at eleven in the morning and have a nice fellowship meal after the service.  After the service the youth follow us to our home where we play Bible games or watch animated Bible stories. We also practice singing hymns in Inuktitut and have recorded some to play for the radio Bible study programs on Sundays. In the afternoon we visit the Continuing Care Center (CCC), where we sing to the residents in English and Inuktitut.

This Sabbath was a special Sabbath as we took advantage of the mosquito-less mild weather, and decided to have a bonfire by the beach.  We sang some songs, played games and told some Bible stories.  Furthermore, as we shared testimonies we had some baked goods with hot chocolate.  Ghadihela was able to share the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and their fiery experience.  I was also able to share and encourage the youth to not give up in life but to rely on the power of faith.  I also reminded the youth that suicide is not the only option, but that God is ready to open doors for a better life.

During this faith message, a couple of youth volunteered to help demonstrate the trust that we need to have in God.  I told them to put their trust in me and to fall back into my arms with their eyes closed. Many wanted to volunteer but I had to pick two.  It was a great feeling to know that they were able to put their complete trust in me and I was able to catch them.  I explained that this is the type of trust that God wants us to have with Him.

At the bonfire,an Adventist couple visiting from Germany, Werner and Rachel Drotleff, also joined the youth. Werner has been visiting Igloolik for a few years now and is known for his help with some of the local hunters. Rachel plays the piano for the church services and for our visits when we sing at the CCC. They have been worshipping with us for a couple of months now and are expecting their first child.

To end the Sabbath my wife and I visited Ilisapi Angutimarik (fellow church co-leader) at her cabin. From there we were able to witness the first Sabbath sunset of the summer. As we said good- bye to the Sabbath, we bowed our heads and we prayed for God’s continuing strength in His work here in Igloolik.

Jose Quezada

Igloolik Church Co-leader

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