Every Wednesday, there’s a friendly hustle and bustle at Saskatoon’s Adventist Community Services (ACS). There’s a steady stream of donations to sort through, racks of clothes to be organized and shelves of household goods to be stocked. Volunteer Coordinator Mandy Lund and her team, some of whom have been serving for 17 years, clearly enjoy serving their fellow community members; they banter and chat like old friends.

“Come and see these people, they’ll put certain degree of humbleness in your heart and open your eyes to what good can be done by everybody”.

That’s Joe Smith, or “Broadway Joe” as he likes to be called. He’s a long time friend of ACS and regularly comes for conversation with friends or to find necessary items for himself, his friends or family. A car accident in 1988 should have killed him, and the resulting injuries limit his work options. It’s a miracle he can walk so he enjoys that gift for miles every day with his rescue dog Kelly. For years, he’s given back to his ACS friends by cutting the grass and shovelling sidewalks surrounding ACS.

Joe says, “This place has…brought out some good in me that I didn’t know was there”.

Mandy has expanded the impact of ACS beyond its walls by teaming up with other charities like the Elizabeth Fry Society who reach marginalized or formerly incarcerated women. The fabric collected by ACS will be used in therapeutic crafts projects to honour missing First Nations women.

Future ACS plans include a downtown homeless food program and a winter clothes drive for kids. Long term they dream of a facility with running water, a phone, kitchen and classroom space to offer community programs.

Community Services (Inner City) offerings provides you with opportunities to serve communities in Christ’s name. It will support ministries like ACS as well as disaster relief, elder care, tutoring, and mentoring. If you missed the opportunity to give at your church on December 12, you can still give online at Adventist Giving.

Would your church like to start their own Adventist Community Services? Go to www.communityservices.org to learn how you can start reaching your community today.

Learn more or volunteer at ACS Saskatoon!

Adventist Community Services – Saskatoon
Mandy Lund – Coordinator

2231 St. Charles Ave, Saskatoon, SK
Hours: 9 AM-12 PM Wednesday.


“Broadway Joe” and his rescue dog Kelly

Elizabeth Fry Society volunteers pick up fabric donated to ACS that will be used for therapeutic crafts for marginalized and recently incarcerated women.

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