David Ripley, President

David Ripley, President

Vision Statement #8

Double the number of churches in our mission territory, double attendance.”


What Does Evangelism Mean to You?

As Adventists, we certainly hear the word “evangelism” a lot. The word evangelism means so many different things to different people.

  • To some it may bring memories of a large tent with sawdust floors, and lively gospel songs.
  • To others it may mean a big-name preacher sharing prophecies from Daniel and Revelation in a large hall or church.
  • To others, quieter, one-on-one Bible studies, come to mind.
  • And yet another remembers stopping by someone’s home to share a bag of groceries and a book about Jesus.

Do you know what the single most successful, all-encompassing form of evangelism is?

It has been the leading way Christian, specifically the Adventist churches, have grown in the last 100 years or more.  Perhaps we should be aware of what method it is so we can keep repeating its success! It is a method that has stood the test of time, and geography.

It is church planting!

Fields of Investment

Canola fields of Eastern Saskatchewan

Canola fields of Eastern Saskatchewan

As we drove around the conference last summer I noticed the large fields teaming with life and growth.  I especially enjoyed the yellow canola fields.  But besides these there were a multitude of other different crops.  I knew that these were not producing by accident, but were the result of careful planning, investment of resources, timing, and hard work. In the end, there is a miracle as life takes hold in each field. This is a testimony to the presence of God.

On two or three occasions, I did pass by a field that looked un-kept and wild. There would be no harvest from these fields. I wondered what might have been if these had also been planted.

Without planting, there is no harvest.

When we talk of doubling the number of churches in the Man-Sask Conference we are talking about what is often referred to as Church Planting. Church plants also take a great deal of planning, investment of resources, timing, and hard work. In addition to this a church plant also needs prayer and the power of God.

How Will You Plant?

So, if church planting is the most effective way of evangelism, tried and true for over 100 years all over the world, how should a local church relate to church planting?

We are asking every church to plant another church. Think of it as multiplying–not dividing.

Growing the kingdom of God by not letting fertile fields go unplanted. Be assured that churches tend to fill back up even after a church planting team leaves and moves to the new location.

God will bless church planting today as He has in the past! Pray, plan, consult with your office, and plant the future of the church!

While church planting is the most effective way to grow the church, in the next mission note I want to share a method of evangelism that has the potential to be just as effective.  Why have only one powerful wave of evangelism when you can have two!

Lord Bless!


One of the best ways to get ready to plant a church is to attend the annual SEEDS Conference. This year it will be held Regina, April 21-22. SEEDS is for everyone who is part of a church plant, and all those who would like to learn about church planting.  The BIG theme is Evangelism.  Anyone who is passionate about reaching people for Christ will benefit from attending this SEEDS Conference.

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