RIPLEY, David ProfileThe past several weeks we have been looking closely at our Man-Sask Mission. Now we turn our attention to the 12 part Vision Statement.

Vision Statement #1

Foster a United Prayer emphasis for all our churches to strengthen the urgency of our mission for God

As a pastor I remember that we were expected to have answers to all questions that may be asked. This is especially true about fundamental Christian beliefs and practice.
On several occasions I have been asked, “Pastor, how does prayer work?” This question gave me pause as a pastor. I have read books and listened to presentations on prayer. Yet to me it is still an unknown when you ask, “How?”
My answer, “I don’t know how, but I do know that it does work! it is foundational to any journey with God.”

Now while the “How” question may leave a mystery to me, ‘the Why’ is clear in my mind. Why? Because God is real, because God is love, because God is all powerful, and because God is willing and eager to do what is necessary to have a relationship with you and me. Because God is true to His promises. Because God is working for the salvation of all humanity. And because God works in the lives of all who call on His Name.

I have seen miracles in the churches I have pastored and I have been blessed by answered prayers in my personal life. I do not profess to be an expert on prayer, but I know that it works! Within my life and in in my ministry I can tell you that no great things have happened unless prayer was a central part of what we were doing.

There are a multitude of books that have been written on the subject of prayer. I will leave it to these experts for the “How” prayer works. What I want to impress on you is that it works!
For our Mission and Vision, prayer is vital. I can tell you that if we neglect prayer, we will never be able to become what God has revealed for us.
Next time I will share more on this foundational topic. Until then, keep praying!

Lord bless!

David Ripley