Open doors and smiling greeters welcomed attendees to the first Manitoba-Saskatchewan Total Member Involvement (TMI) Weekend. The Transcona Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted the discipleship equipping series in partnership with the Nueva Esperanza Church. Pastor Elmer Manzanares and his church ministries leaders have been praying that the event will build on the recent evangelistic reaping series with speaker, Jeff Potts, Man-Sask Executive Secretary. “We want all our members to be fully committed disciples of Jesus Christ, who are actively involved in witness where they work and live,” Pastor Manzanares said when asked about their enthusiasm about hosting the series.

On Friday evening, speaker Lynn Ripley, Man-Sask TMI Director’s first seminar was “Ministry Action Units – United Prayer.” It presented the foundational concepts of prayer and organizing in small groups for member care and community outreach.

The Sabbath school lesson study focus of “Jesus Desired Their Good” enhanced the seminar concept of “Living as a Disciple.” In groups of two, Sabbath school members practiced the skill of leading a seeking friend to accept Jesus as a personal Savior. Then the group concluded the study time by praying through the sinner’s prayer together. One participant said, “It was very moving to claim Jesus as Lord of my life again just now. It warmed my heart in such a compelling way.”

The divine worship service message by Pastor Lynn Ripley was titled, “To Follow Our Leader” was based on John 13:1, 3-5. Jesus showed His disciples then, and us as His disciples today, how to serve others. The group was reminded that, “Christ’s method alone will give true success in reaching the people” (Ministry of Healing, p. 143).

After a lovely Sabbath fellowship meal, the group reconvened for the afternoon workshops.

Dr. David Ripley, Man-Sask Conference President, shared “Relational Discipleship.” He illustrated how to reach out to our neighbors, friends, and work associates as an effective disciple-maker through understanding friendship and gospel witness. Then the speaker, Lynn Ripley, concluded the afternoon with the presentation “Ministry Action Units – Mentoring.” Attendees in their groups prayed for God’s Holy Spirit to guide them through ‘divine appointments’ to be spiritual mentors in a more intentional way.

On Sunday morning, the topic “Becoming A Missional Church” provided an outline for planning active outreach into the community. Participants prayed asking God to guide their thoughts and then they each drew a picture of what their church would look like when they are truly serving their community. They enthusiastically shared their pictures with their group members and the larger group. The weekend concluded with a time of United Prayer focused on asking God to guide them with plans that would make the pictures a reality. One attendee shared, “It was a real eye-opener in the way we reach out to our community.” While another said, “Most hermeneutical! Quite enlightening and challenging!”

Total Member Involvement is:

  • dedicated to helping every member realize their witnessing potential
  • a resource and catalyst for discipleship, healthy vibrant church growth, and winsome outreach
  • a primary means to equip each of our churches to support God’s Mission and Vision for the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference of Seventh-day Adventist
  • helping make witnessing easier, effective, ever-present, and on-going
  • here to help you discover a way of life, a culture of discipleship, both personally, and as a church body
  • NOT another program or “make-work project”
  • Total Member Involvement seeks to make a disciple who you are, not something you simply do


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