A “discipleship ratio” is defined as the difference between those who are part of the church family (on the books as members and people just attending) in comparison with those who are actively involved in fruitful ministry. This ministry may take place inside the church building on Sabbath. But it also must include those who are actively reaching lost people outside the building. They are called to ministry in their neighborhood, at their workplace, in their family, and in the community where they live.

Our churches are made up of a called together people who are at different stages of this growth in spiritual maturity. Each one must be involved in actual, high value ministry (not just ‘busy work’). What is the Discipleship Ratio of your church? How can we join you in growing that number?

Read the article below to start the journey!

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What is Your Church’s Discipleship Ratio?

If you would like additional training in Discipleship, consider the Workshops for Total Member Involvement, available free to your church via Pastor Lynn Ripley, Director of Total Member Involvement!