David Ripley, President

David Ripley, President

Vision Statement #8

“Double the number of churches in our mission territory, double attendance.


For the next few Mission notes we will explore the potentially best way to grow the church.  Untapped in so many ways!

The Big Event

hockey-935951_640Smiles are everywhere! You look around where you are seated and you see that everyone is excited to attend this event. All the seats are full, standing room only. The energy in the crowd will carry you through the event and into next week when you will be sharing the most exciting moments with your co-workers and family. You are in anticipation of what will transpire. Will your favorite player pull off a hat trick tonight?

But simply having full house attendance is not enough. Full house attendance at a hockey game can be exciting. Full house attendance at church is awesome too, but they are for entirely different purposes. We do want to spend time on the “how” to increase attendance, but first let’s make sure we understand the “why” we want to increase attendance.


lightstock_65422_full_user_39147891 mediumWhy would a church want to double attendance? The reason is that we want to introduce many more people to Jesus! God is asking us to make disciples, therefore we need to bring people into contact with Him. The best place for this to happen is every Sabbath during the worship service. Sabbath morning worship must be evangelistic.

So, more specifically our God given Mission is not to simply double attendance, but is more precisely to double the number of people who are weekly connecting with Jesus!

Now we do know that some people attend primarily because they have friends and/or family that attend. This is a blessing too! We are created to be socially connected. The local church should work to help people to connect horizontally, or with other church family members. But it takes special effort, special planning, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit to connect new people vertically to Jesus.


Our God Given Mission is to double attendance, and have pathways for people to develop in their walk with God. This will not happen by accident.

Each church must prayerfully and deliberately develop steps for people to move from new attendee through growth as a Seventh-day Adventist Christian and on to becoming a fully devoted disciple of Jesus.

Each school must prayerfully and deliberately develop steps for novice Christian students to move to commitment to Christ and active discipleship.

I hope you can see that doubling attendance is a significant avenue to connect people to Jesus. The ultimate goal is to design an environment that the Holy Spirit can use to move a person , step by step, to become a mature follower of Christ who is actively sharing their faith.

Next time let’s explore the “how” of doubling disciples and what intentional steps we may have as a church to bring people in attendance to Jesus!

Stay tuned! Let us discover together!



“Connections” is the theme of the Winnipeg Youth Rally, where youth can learn how to be connected to Jesus and other Christians in a deeper way. It happens Mar 10-11, so learn more and register now!



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