Presentation Topics (Lynn Ripley, B.A. M.A.Min.)

Below is a list of practical, interactive, equipping workshops Pastor Lynn Ripley can offer to support your church’s interest in Total Member Involvement.

Practical Vibrant Discipleship

An eight part series on practical discipleship skills based on the acronym FORWARD. Each 40 minute segment has a 20 minute presentation and a group activity.

1. Becoming vibrant disciples of Jesus Christ and living a life that is wholly committed to Him.

2. Partnering with Christ to fulfill His command to “Go make disciples.”

3. Becoming agents by which the Holy Spirit can turn others into disciples.

4. Becoming accountable to an intentional process of the kind of vibrant discipleship that has been prayerfully considered and outlined in Scripture.

Following God daily through the spiritual disciplines
Opening myself to God by participating in regular corporate worship
Returning time, talents, and resources to God
Willingly serve my local church and community in the context of my spiritual gifts
Anticipating spiritual growth in others by being in genuine relationships
Reproducing the discipleship journey in others through the power of the Holy Spirit
Developing my life of faith as evidenced by the fruits of the Spirit


A two part series [40 minute segments with activities] on how to intentionally mentor another individual into active, fruitful ministry.

Small Group Ministry

A two-part series [40 minute segments with activities] on what small group ministry is; how it helps strengthen and grow the church numerically and spiritually. Includes instructions on how to write a small group Bible study lesson.

VIP Small Group Ministry

How to make every church ministry outreach focused to win more people to the gospel.

Worship Ministry

Practical skills for planning God honoring worship services.

How to Give Bible Studies

Step by step presentation on skills needed. Includes class activities to practice giving Bible studies.
How to establish a Bible study ministry in your church.

The Missional Church

A two-part series [40 minutes segments with activities] on what a missional church is and how to establish a missional culture in your church.

Other Topics

Intercessory Prayer
Pastoral Spouses Ministry
Writing for Church Communication and Adventist Publications
Fundamental Beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists
Building a Visitation Ministry
Guest Care Ministry