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The Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference is pleased to announce the availability of Adventist Giving Online in our Conference. Churches are now welcome to individually enroll in this efficient and secure system put in place by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada and North American Division.


Once your church is enrolled, members and friends will be able to access Adventist Giving through your local church’s website. After creating a secure username and password, you can designate tithe and various offerings from a list of choices. In Canada, only credit card donations are available at this time.

All donations will be forwarded on a monthly basis to the local church at which point the church treasurer will record the donors and offerings similar to regular weekly offerings. From there the tithes and offerings will be retained at the local church or forwarded on to the Conference as designated. Charitable receipts will be issued by the local church treasurer the same as for traditional giving methods.

Many of our members have been asking for this giving option, especially those who already do most of their financial transactions online. This program is not intended to replace the traditional giving at the offering plate which is still strongly encouraged. Adventist Giving Online is intended to provide another option for those who feel comfortable with it.

Visit for a helpful list of frequently asked questions as well as other information on the program. Adventist Giving Online is also available for isolated members and those who are interested in seeing how it works for Conference and world church offerings.

You can give your tithes and offerings online to your local church through Adventist Giving. Click the link for your local church below.

*Don’t see your church listed above? 

Please ask your treasurer to get Adventist Giving setup for the future. Until then, thank you for giving faithfully at your local Adventist church.

Don't attend a local church?

You can give directly to the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference.