Children Sabbath School Divisions




Children’s sabbath school classes are an exciting part of virtual camp meeting that your young person won’t want to miss. Taking place during the adult sabbath school time, there will be Beginners, Kindergarten, Primary, and Junior’s classes.



To create a richer experience for your child in Beginners and Primary classes, we ask you to register them as soon as possible using the appropriate link below. If your child is in Kindergarten or Juniors, watch for virtual meeting information to be posted closer to Camp Meeting.



Join us for another action-packed virtual Beginners class! We ask parents to register their children before June 18th to receive a materials package to complete together with the teacher in class. Those registered after June 18th are still welcome to join the class and will be sent a materials list to compile at home. 

 Register for the Beginners class here.



Your child won’t want to miss this Christ-centered Primary class! Registering your child as soon as possible will ensure they receive information about class interactive activities.

 Register for the Primary class here.




Beginners (Suggested Age 0 - 5)


God loves you! We will be using the story of Jonah to study the love of God! This class is packed with learning movement and play based songs. Make sure you register to receive the list of easy to find household items that will help your child more fully experience this awesome story. How can we learn about God through balloons and bubbles? Join the class and find out!

Zoom ID: 983 7166 9315
Invite link:

Kindergarten (Suggested Age 5 – 7)


God made strong creatures! Not only did God make strong creatures like dinosaurs, but in God we can be strong too! Join the Kindergarten class as we use our imaginations and hands-on crafts to learn the lessons of being strong in God. Make sure you register to receive the craft printable download and a list of items that will help your child interact with the lesson.

Zoom ID: 943 3028 6892
Invite link:

Primary (Suggested Age 7 – 9)


Do you think that YOU could be as brave as David? Brave enough to stand up to a GIANT? What about Queen Esther?  Could you be courageous enough to go before the KING even if it meant you might DIE? If you are ages 7-9, Come! Join our Primary class to learn how these amazing Bible characters STOOD up for God! 

This class is interactive and fun with science experiments and activities to help US learn how to be Strong & Courageous!

Zoom ID: 965 8447 0409
Invite link:

Juniors (Suggested Age 10 - 12)


A Peaceful Parting! Who knew that flocks of sheep could cause so many arguments? We will learn how to follow God’s plan for solving conflicts through the story of Abram and Lot. Join this special Juniors class to find out how we can resolve conflicts God’s way and reflect God’s love to those around us.

Zoom ID: 966 5826 0453
Invite link:


Click below to join our divisions on Sabbath Morning at 9:00 AM (SK), 10:00 AM (MB), & 11:00 AM (Iqualiut). Choose which platform you would like to join. God bless!