Sabbath Seminar

Join us Sabbath Afternoon for a Seminar about doing missions at home and abroad.


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Iqaluit, NU

"Is It Time Yet?"

OK, so we are facing the future unafraid. Right? I mean, we have God’s promises, so we shouldn’t be afraid. Right? But what future are we facing? Is it time for Jesus to come? Or are there a few more things that have to happen first? How does all this pandemic stuff figure into our view of final events? And what about mission - our personal mission and the mission of the church? 

Stories from the Bible and around the world will give us courage and help us know our part in whatever future may still remain.




Retired Director of Global Mission Centres
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists


Homer Trecartin recently retired from the General Conference’s Office of Adventist Mission where he was the director of the Global Mission Centres. He has served as a pastor, teacher, administrator, and missionary in a number of places around the US and the world (including working with Pastor Michael Collins in the Middle East). He and his wife Barbara long for Jesus to come and believe that will be soon. While they wait, they enjoy nature, bird watching, their three children and seven grandchildren, reading, and various hobbies.


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