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Join us at 2:00 pm in Saskatchewan and 3:00 pm in Manitoba. 

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Cindy Mercer is a passionate prayer intercessor, speaker, author and registered nurse. She has worked extensively as prayer, ministerial spouses, and women’s ministries director for several church conferences while working side-by-side with her pastoral mate-in-ministry, Rick.

After God worked a huge miracle in her own life, Cindy finds great joy is helping others discover hope while watching their relationships with Jesus soar!  


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Future Events

- Women's Ministry Family Christmas 2021 (more details to follow)

Food for Thought


Cultural commentator Craig Detweiler states 
“I think the fault is that fame and celebrity enter the highest virtue in culture. It’s the closest thing to getting to heaven or eternal life. In other words, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley are all eternal in pop culture, and so becoming a celebrity is the closest thing to eternal life outside the Church. I see a hunger for celebrity as a hunger for eternity.” 
These days Youtube channels, Facebook friends etc…can eat up lots of time. We love to learn from the web and see what others are doing. We want to feel connected to others and stay in touch. However, even though we can learn much and be inspired from others' stories and experiences on the web, are we taking the time to equally ‘like’ verses in our Bibles, ‘subscribe’ to Christ’s teachings and become one of His ‘followers’? Is Christ our ultimate ‘Influencer’ and best ‘Friend’? With Christ you also don’t have to worry about Him blocking or un-friending you! 

How great are His signs,
how mighty His wonders!
His kingdom is an eternal kingdom;
His dominion endures from generation to generation.

Daniel 4:3 (NIV)

Our Monthly Devotional Thought


Let God Remind You

On a quiet morning, when all I could hear was the sound of the wind, my heart was in touch with the Almighty, and the stage was set to tell the Lord, “Here I am, speak, your daughter listens.”

My Hiding Place

What is the definition of Hide/Hiding? “being out of sight or not readily apparent”; “to conceal for shelter or protection”; ”to keep secret”

It's Your Decision

We live in a decision-making era, every day, from the moment we open our eyes we begin to make decisions. You decide to stay in bed or to get up and start your daily routine; making decisions is not a new thing, we all know what it means to make decisions.

Spring Is In The Air

There is a fresh crisp earthy smell as I open my windows in the spring. It's amazing how this lifts my soul.

Pray Without Ceasing

A young girl was the servant in the home of the local pastor. One day a group of ministers met in the pastor's home, and they got to discussing Paul's advice to "pray without ceasing" (1 Thess 5: 17).  How to do this, they could not explain.


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Fran Gorbenko, Women's Ministry Director
Fran Gorbenko, Women's Ministry Director




Women's Ministry Director:

Fran Gorbenko




Aleisha Mazier, Associate Director
Aleisha Mazier, Associate Director



Kathy Adolf,  Coordinator for Manitoba Women's Ministry
Kathy Adolf, Coordinator for Manitoba Women's Ministry



Donna Bignal, Leader for Women's Ministry
Donna Bignal, Leader for Women's Ministry


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