A Healthy You

Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.

Isaiah 60:1

How to maintain a healthy you in these times we live in?


We are in a world of suffering, difficulty, trial, and sorrow. Confusion, challenges, and sadness await us at every step along the way to our heavenly home. The enemy in this time has removed his mask to show who he really is. We live it daily in our work, school, home, our own families, and churches.


Today I want to tell you that the rougher and cloudier the road appears, the more power is available for us to see the light. As a pastor's wife and mom, I have seen the hand of God directing my life in the most challenging moments. And it is through those difficult moments that allow us to see not only the hand of the Lord directing our lives but also to see His face and come to know Him more. 


My most beautiful experiences with God have been in the midst of storms. It is there that I see His power manifested; there is no greater privilege and blessing than seeing the real presence of God in my life.


During the month of April, I invite you to worship the One who is in control of every molecule that exists on this earth. Praise lifts your heart with gratitude to the highest heights, and you will see that your positive attitude towards negative adversity will give you a light that will illuminate your path . Then you will have the blessing of having a healthy you.  



Teresa Dixon 
WM Coordinator
Henderson Hwy Church