Circle of Influence


Beloved, if God so loved us we ought also to love one another.

1 John 4:11

If our Saviour Jesus Christ was with us physically today,  would  He be happy with the kind of life we are living? If He was the pastor in our church, what would have we done as a church or individually? If He was our fellow worker, what would our attitude be in our workplace? If He was our neighbour, what kind of neighbour would we be? If He was the homeless man we saw today, what could we have done for Him?


If Jesus was walking with us today, what kind of Christian would He see in us? Would Christ be happy?


Yes, we could have done things differently. We could have done a little extra in the things we do everyday. Perhaps we could be extra careful with our words, a little bit more caring, or be more patient and kind. We could have done a little more than what we are doing. Yes, a little goes a long, long way.


Jesus gave us the parable of “The Good Samaritan” to remind us that as children of God we are to be doers of good work not only to the people outside of our faith but with fellow believers. God wants us to be bearers of light to the people around us. Think of the people around you - your neighbours, co-workers, the delivery man, bus drivers, struggling members of our church- this is our circle of influence. These are the people you can show kindness and share God’s love. The world might divide us, separate us, through this pandemic and with all the restrictions, but our work to be a “light to the world” should not diminish. It should shine even brighter at this time. We don’t have to knock on doors to share God’s love, just remember the impact you can have in your “circle of influence”.


Let us be the Christian that God wants us to be. What will you do, if Christ was with you today? What will you do as a reflection of Christ? Let us remember a little does go a long way.


By Kathleen Pabalinas     
Women's Ministry Leader
Canora Church