Executive Committee Aligns ManSask Conference Board of Education with SDACC Education Code

The Executive Committee held a vote on September 15, 2022, to recommend that the Man-Sask Board of Education Executive Committee be aligned with the SDACC Education Code items A-208 to A-214. The recommendation was approved. The following are some of the highlights:


Man-Sask Conference Board of Education – Membership

2022-2027 Position


Membership From


Charles Ed II Aguilar

President of Conference

Executive Secretary

Corinne Lindberg

Director of Education of Conference


Christine Bergen

Secretary of Conference


Christine Bergen

Treasurer of Conference


Betty Bayer or Designee

SDACC Director of Education


Ian Mighty

PCAA Principal


Venessa Brenya-Boateng

CHCS Principal


Andrew Savenye

RSCS Principal


Waldemar Grenz

Pastor Pinehouse (RSCS)


Alvin Waite

Teacher (PCAA)


Gloria Radomsky

Chairperson (CHCS)


Janet Marcoux

Membership (RSCS)


Gilles Landry

Membership (PCAA)


Sheila Deer

Membership (CHCS)


Elmer Manzanares

MB Ministerial Director


David Baker

SK Ministerial Director


Ron Marshall

Member of the Board of Directors


Conference Board of Education – Functions

The functions of the conference Board of Education are to:

  1.  Assume general administrative authority for long-range planning of the conference ECE-12 school system.
  2. Approve the annual budget for the school system and recommend same to the conference executive committee for its consideration and approval.
  3. Consider and act on the recommendations of the superintendent of education in the employment, transfer, and dismissal of education personnel.
  4. Review wages of education personnel to determine compliance with the approved wage schedules.
  5. Receive data annually from the conference office of education regarding elementary school evaluations, evaluate the data, and determine approved and non-approved schools, including term and conditions.
  6. Adopt a school calendar which meets Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada and provincial requirements. The calendar will also include the date when teachers are to report for work and the date of their last day at the school. This is generally about one week before school begins and a week after school closes as scheduled. There may be occasions, however, when an earlier time may be set.
  7. Arbitrate school-related appeals and grievances. For any appeal from conference Board of Education arbitrations, parties must adhere to the process set out in the North American Division Working Policy.
  8. Evaluate facility needs and project an overall long-range plan for school plant development.
  9. Receive and consider applications from elementary schools and junior academies requesting permission to teach secondary subjects as submitted by the superintendent of schools and make recommendations to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada.
  10. Consider applications for the establishment of new schools, the expansion of existing schools to higher grade status, and the consolidation of schools.
  11. Appoint subcommittees as needed to expedite the work of the conference Board of Education.
  12. Review and make provision for implementation of curriculum policies approved by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada Board of Education.
  13. Approve local school operating budgets.
  14. Review and approve all local school constitution and bylaws, ensuring that all changes are approved prior to regular constituency meetings.
  15. Receive accreditation reports, evaluation visiting committee reports and interim visiting committee reports.


Conference Board of Education – Identity

The conference board of education is the body authorized by the constituency and/or the conference executive committee to administer the conference ECE-12 school system in accordance with the policies adopted by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada Board of Education. Members of the conference board of education shall be elected by the constituency and/or the conference executive committee for specified terms of office.