Executive Committee Creates a Camp Whitesand Committee



Camp Whitesand is a very important ministry of the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference.

Based on the feedback received from several stakeholders, including pastors, administration staff, teachers, Committee 101, kitchen staff, campers, youth and young adult leaders, the Executive Board of the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference voted on September 15, 2022 to create the Camp Whitesand Committee (CWC) with the purpose of providing strategy, oversight and accountability for Camp Whitesand.

The core responsibilities of the CWC are:

  1. Duty of Mission: To oversee & monitor Camp Whitesand's sustainable strategy, goals (including fundraising), and objectives to align with the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference's Mission and Vision
  2. Duty of Obedience: To identify, evaluate, manage, and mitigate risks (compliance, operational, financial, environmental, and reputational) that obey applicable laws and regulations, bylaws, and policies
  3. Duty of Care: To receive Camp Whitesand program and financial reports, evaluations, and analysis, ensuring prudent use and maintenance of all assets, including facility, grounds, people, and partners
  4. Duty to Report: To make recommendations to AdCom regarding the operations of Camp Whitesand

You can download the CWC Terms of Reference here