Pastor David Baker Appointed as Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference Ministerial Director

The Executive Committee (ExeCom) of the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference has appointed Pastor David Baker to take on the new role as a full-time Ministerial Director. This comes after much deliberation and prayer by ExeCom on the restructuring of the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference office. 
Pastor Dave brings over 25 years of pastoral experience across Canada into this vital role, including being the pastor's pastor, advocating for pastors before conference administrators, mentoring, coaching and coordinating public evangelism initiatives across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nunavut. He is also a board-certified chaplain and registered psychotherapist.
"I'm grateful for this opportunity to serve God's people in ministry," says Pastor Dave about his appointment. "I look forward to working with our administrators, pastors and chaplains across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nunavut... I know firsthand what it means to minister in today's world - its challenges and blessings. I hope to provide support, mentoring, and coaching so our pastors and chaplains can continue leading effectively and efficiently."
"We are thrilled to have Pastor David join our office team in this important role,” says President Charles Ed II Aguilar. “His appointment comes at the right time when we are revitalizing our pastoral mentoring mechanisms and public evangelism initiatives. I know he will be a valuable change agent in this important work. He brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion for ministry, which will be invaluable as we continue to serve God's people across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nunavut.”

The Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference looks forward to seeing great things happen under Pastor David Baker's leadership!
Pastor David will start his new role on January 1, 2023. The pastoral placement process will begin for Living Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church and Biggar SDA Company. 

The mission of the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference is to develop a culture of making disciples and healthy churches that help connect people in their communities to Jesus.

For more information on this press release, please get in touch with the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference office at and 306.244.9700.