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Weight Gain During the Pandemic

A year into the COVID 19 pandemic, with people staying home, gyms being closed, and added stress, researchers are finding another negative side-effect of the coronavirus—weight gain!

research team at the University of California, San Francisco found that participants had a “steady weight gain of more than half a pound every 10 days. That equals about 1.5 to 2 pounds per month.”

The American Psychological Association and The Harris Poll surveyed U.S. adults in late February 2021 and found “42% reporting they gained more weight than they intended. . . . an average of 29 pounds (the median amount gained was 15 pounds), and 10% said they gained more than 50 pounds. . . . Such changes come with significant health risks, including higher vulnerability to serious illness from the coronavirus.”

There is HOPE and HELP!

Your Adventist Book Center has three resources you can share with friends:

Vibrant Life magazine special issue—"How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off."

Signs of the Times: "Life Matters—Lose Weight, Feel Great."

Vibrant Life tract—"Little Tips to Lose Lots of Weight."

These contain helpful information on managing weight—and are priced for sharing.

Available at your Adventist Book Center: 




Feb Food Sale Price List

 Please have all orders into the coordinator for your area before January 25th or into the ABC by January 27th.

You will connect with a Food Coordinator for your area to pick up your order. Please contact the store @ 1-800-661-8131 if you need coordinator information for your area.

Here is a rough schedule for the delivery of the February Food Sale.

Feb 6, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Swift Current, Moose Jaw & Regina
Feb 7, Brandon & West Winnipeg (2140 Ness Ave)
Feb 8, East Winnipeg (1314 Henderson Hwy), Dauphin
Feb 9, Swan River, Hudson Bay, Yorkton & Canora
Feb 10, Prince Albert, Rosthern, Saskatoon, N. Battleford & St. Walburg