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Now More Than Ever. . . Share Hope!

People are searching for hope right now as never before. . . the pandemic, disasters, societal upheaval, combined with personal and family issues have caused many to despair.

Anxiety, fear, sadness, and social isolation are taking their toll. Three recent headlines sum it up:

Depression Has Skyrocketed During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Study Says

  • “A study published in JAMA Network Open offers one of the first nationally representative estimates of how severe that epidemic may be: Three times as many Americans met criteria for a depression diagnosis during the pandemic than before it, according to the paper.”

Depression Rate Has Tripled among US Adults

  • “One in four American adults is now likely to be experiencing symptoms of depression, a threefold increase from last year. As the COVID-19 pandemic claims the lives of thousands of people in the United States, as millions of Americans have lost their jobs, as parents and teachers worry about kids going back to school, and as renters face eviction and homeowners face foreclosure, those findings—from a first-of-its-kind nationwide study—reveal that the global coronavirus pandemic is taking a dire toll on mental health in the United States.”

48% of Americans are feeling down, depressed, or hopeless during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • “When it comes to anxiety, 60% of American adults experienced ‘frequency of feeling nervous, anxious, or on edge’ in the last seven days, an increase of 5 percentage points since May. Over a quarter of all respondents reported feeling that way more than half of the days in the last week.
  • “About 53% of Americans said they experienced ‘not being able to stop or control worrying’ at least several days during the past week.”

How can you and I help? How can we make a difference?

Ellen White made this comment more than 100 years ago:

Many have fainted and become discouraged in the great struggle of life, whom one word of kindly cheer and courage would have strengthened to overcome. Never, never become heartless, cold, unsympathetic, and censorious. Never lose an opportunity to say a word to encourage and inspire hope. We cannot tell how far-reaching may be our tender words of kindness, our Christlike efforts to lighten some burden.” Counsels for the Church, p. 255.

Share a word of cheer and courage. . . and while you are at it, share a book of HOPE!

Your Adventist Book Center has a number of great sharing books that bring hope to people who are concerned not only about the future, but also about day-to-day survival.

Available ONLINE or by calling your Adventist Book Center at


And consider this: Reaching out to encourage someone else might be just the encouragement you could use as well!


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