Local Church Data Feedback Form

Human nature craves feedback.

In every relationship there is a twinge of curiosity.

We each want to know, “How am I doing?”

Even Christ watched the faces of his listeners as evidence that the truths he spoke reached their hearts (Evangelism, p.295).

Nowhere is feedback needed more than among church leaders.

A system-wide feedback loop that helps Church leaders grow and develop is long overdue based upon survey results of both church administrators and pastors.

Effective church leaders are anxious to discover ways that they can better advance the gospel.

The tool is based upon the following concepts:

1. Simplicity and ease of use

2. Mutual trust and genuine transparency

3. Everyone’s need for feedback and continuous development

4. Accurate feedback based upon unbiased information

Your ideas are valued at all times. Thanks for everything you do to help make the pastoral ministry among the most honorable of professions!

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