Pastoral Opportunities

THE MANITOBA-SASKATCHEWAN CONFERENCE'S MISSION IS TO: Develop a disciple-making culture that creates healthy and vibrant churches and schools that connect people in their communities to Jesus.

We currently have an opening for Swift Current Seventh-day Adventist Church District & Hudson Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church District (Saskatchewan)

NOTE: If you have previously applied and filled out our pastoral opening application form, please do NOT apply again. We have your information on our database and will be reviewing resumes/CVs as the need arises.

We are currently reviewing all pastoral applicants for the following churches/districts:

  1. La Portage, Erikson & Brandon Seventh-day Adventist Church District (Manitoba)



The minister will be a spiritual person with a strong commitment to Jesus Christ and will have the experience to lead a congregation or district as Senior Pastor, Pastor, or Associate Pastor.

She/he is authorized to conduct in any Adventist Church(s) as assigned or as invited: religious services, the ordinance of foot washing and communion, weddings, funerals, baptisms, ordination of elders, deacons, and deaconesses.


The Seventh-day Adventist minister functions independently of a direct supervisor. She/he reports to the Administration of the Conference, first to the President, then to the Executive Secretary, and the Treasurer. In addition, she/he is responsible to the corporate body of the church, through the assigned Ministerial Director, who is not an officer of the Conference but serves as the pastor’s advisor, mentor, counselor, and pastor.


Preaching/Worship – 25%

1. Plan a preaching schedule at least one quarter in advance with varied styles of sermons that will be relevant and meet the felt needs of the congregation.

2. Prepare and deliver Sabbath up-lifting morning messages for churches as assigned, delivering them in an interesting, creative, and motivating manner.

3. Sermons are to be relevant and meet the felt needs of the congregation, with sound doctrinal content and hermeneutics.

4. Lead and collaborate with members to hold a mid-week prayer meeting service.

5. Engage in adequate study/ preparation each week to ensure an appropriate worship experience.

Pastoral Services – 25%

1. Maintain a regular and systematic program of member visitation, involving and mentoring local members, particularly elders, who care and have the skills.

2. Perform ordinances and services as needed for members of the church and their families.

3. Provide spiritual counseling and/or referral for members in crisis situations.

4. Develop a plan, in consultation with local church leadership, for reclaiming inactive members.

5. Process redemptive discipline following Church Manual guidelines.

6. Nurture youth and reach out to special need groups, e.g. elderly, disabled, single parents, and cultural groups - involving all members in the church community and its services.

Church Growth – 25%

1. Lead the church in establishing a vision, mission, long and short term objectives.

2. Communicate clearly and consistently to the members the church’s visions and goals.

3. Provide leadership that promotes church membership growth.

4. Assist members in identifying their spiritual gifts; then develop ways to equip, train, and organize them to use their gifts for ministry.

5. Develop an ongoing program of personal Bible studies with non-members and train members in presenting these studies, leading to decisions for baptism.

6. Provide a variety of opportunities for people to accept Christ and join the local Adventist Church.

Administration – 25%

1. Lead local church leadership team in decision-making and establishing an annual budget.

2. Plan a yearly calendar including boards, programs, and other important events.

3. Attend necessary administrative meetings of the church including the constituent school.

4. Work in harmony with the actions of the local church board, school board, and the Conference Board of Directors. If any conflict arises, counsel with conference administration.

5. Maintain awareness of information contained in communications from the Conference.

6. Track Sabbath morning attendance for the purpose of keeping in touch with people, watching for trends, and understanding the reasons for any significant changes.

7. Ensure clerk and treasurer reports are submitted to the Conference in a timely manner.


Bachelor of Religious Studies or Theology and Master of Divinity degree or an acceptable combination of related education and experience. Will have significant Seventh-day Adventist pastoral experience.


Applicants within the territories of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada and the North American Division are preferred.